• Gregg M. Yamada, MD FACC

Telehealth/Telemedicine: How To Use. Why to Use.

  • Due of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, as of late March 2020 my practice will require all patients to have the ability to use (telehealth).

  • Telemedicine/Telehealth = using VIDEO and AUDIO (HMSA online care website, FaceTime, GoogleDuo) to communicate with my practice.

  • The US government and the CDC, all hospitals, all healthcare systems, all insurance carriers, for the first time, are recommending online doctor visits.

  • You must have BOTH VIDEO and AUDIO.

  • Medicare and Private Insurance DOES NOT ALLOW a simple phone call.

  • If you do not know how to use a computer, navigate a website, use an iphone to FaceTime, be sure to ask your family or friends to assist you.

  • Not all of your visits will be online, nor should they, but all of my patients must have this as an option. If not, you will most likely be asked to find a new cardiologist. Be aware, however, that all physicians will require telehealth moving forward.

  • Don't fight it...learn to use TeleHealth! It is for your own benefit not your doctors.

For HMSA Plans:

  • HMSA PPO/HMO plans.

  • HMSA Advantage Plans

  1. Go to HMSA ONLINE CARE website

  2. Follow instructions, click here.

  3. Watch the HMSA ONLINE CARE video

For all other insurance plans (non-HMSA): Use Apple FaceTime or Google DUO

  • Medicare, UHA, HMAA, United Health Care and other non-BCBS HMSA plans you must use an iphone, ipad, computer, android.

  • In Hawaii, you will find it is a better option to consider an HMSA sponsored plan in terms of telehealth visits.

IOS: Iphone or Ipad--use FaceTime

Android: LG, Sam Sung, Google phone--use Google Duo

  • Download the DUO app on your PC or android device.

  • How to use Google DUO

Thank you.

Stay Healthy!


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