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  • Gregg M. Yamada, MD FACC

What is the Best Blood Pressure Cuff to Buy? My Recommendations.

How to Buy a Blood Pressure Cuff:

Patients often ask me 'what blood pressure cuff should I buy?' 'How much should I spend?'


-Omron Series 10 or Series 7 or Series 5 or Series 3.

-Spend around $60 dollars or less.

A blood pressure cuff is always a good investment. Many times your doctor can manage your blood pressure over the phone if you can provide accurate readings

Check Amazon

Here are some examples of good blood pressure cuffs on Amazon. These are only suggestions. You can shop around online or go to a store in person and try out the product before you buy. You don't even have to buy Omron. There are dozens of other good BP cuffs to choose from. What's important is that you get one that is accurate and use it regularly.

So if I list Omron Series 10, but you mistakenly bought an Ormon Series 7 or Series 5 or Series 3 or something else. What you have is most likely good enough.

Should You Buy The Most Expensive Cuff On The Market?

I would not necessarily recommend the more pricey $99+ dollar cuffs that you see on Amazon unless money is no concern. When it comes to blood pressure cuffs, choose a trusted name. It's better to buy two cuffs that are cheaper than one that is more expensive. In this way, you can have a wrist cuff at work or for travel and an upper arm cuff for home. When reviewing cuffs on Amazon look for one that has over 1000 reviews. Some BP cuffs have over 9000 reviews! This somewhat ensures that the product is well tested. You can't go wrong with an Omron BP cuff.

1. Blood Pressure Cuffs to Consider

There are two types of cuffs to consider: Upper arm cuffs and wrist cuffs.

  • The upper arm cuff is possibly more accurate.

  • The wrist cuff is more convenient.

I ask that patients buy an arm cuff first. Later, they can consider a wrist cuff. There are exceptions where I ask patients to only buy a wrist cuff (large arm).

Upper Arm Cuffs: Recommended

Expect to spend around $50-60 dollars. A good choice would be:

Less expensive alternatives:

Wrist Cuffs: Recommended

Doctors generally don't recommend wrist cuffs because we feel they are less accurate. That's not necessarily true. If you have a very large or small arm, wrist cuffs can be a better choice.

Bluetooth/Wireless BP Cuffs: Optional

For those who prefer to have their data incoporated directly onto their phone, you can choose a bluetooth option. They are more expensive

Don't Forget To Use Your BP Cuff

Take your BP when you wake up and prior to going to sleep and any time you feel dizzy or tired. Bring your BP cuff to your doctor's office with your values so that your doctor has blood pressure trends. With this information your doctor can easily manage your blood pressure.

What should your blood pressure be? Click here.

I hope this helps. I will review other useful products: bathroom scales and cardiac monitoring devices in the future.

Stay Healthy!

Gregg Yamada MD



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