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COVID-19 and CVD Fast Facts (Hawaii, US, Worldwide) UPDATED AUGUST 16, 2020

COVID-19 compared to CVD (Cardiovascular Disease): 2 Deadly Diseases


  • Honolulu 5042 cases 40 deaths related to COVID: Hawaii has one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the nation.

  • US: 5.41 million cases. 170,000 deaths.

  • World: 21.6 million confirmed. 744,000 deaths.

CVD (Cardiovascular Disease)

  • Hawaii: 2500 deaths

  • US (2016): 840,768 deaths.

  • World (2016): 16 million deaths

In 2019, the WHO reported 17.9 million deaths due to the pandemic CVD: Cardiovascular Disease.

By 2030, 24 million people will die from Cardiovascular Disease.

  • There is no treatment for COVID-19, but there are treatments for CVD, the #1 killer of human beings.

  • There is no vaccine for COVID-19, but there is a 'vaccine' for CVD: it's known as Cardiac Prevention.

Prevention is the most important treatment of heart disease.

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