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Our Mission

Heart disease can be prevented. I believe this. Just about everybody believes this intuitively. Heart disease is preventable because we know what the causes are. This site is intended to educate you about cardiac prevention and cardiovascular conditions so that you will better understand your own cardiologist's recommendations.

The more you know, the better the outcome.

Best of health!

Gregg Yamada, MD, FACC

Author Gregg Yamada

Dr. Gregg Yamada has been a practicing cardiologist in Honolulu for over 24 years.  Despite his background as an interventional cardiologist, having performed many thousands of angiograms and angioplasty/stent procedures, Dr. Yamada believes that most procedures of this type could be avoided if lifestyle changes are adopted very early on.  

During his career, he has held board certifications in 5 different areas of medicine (Internal medicine, Cardiovascular disease, Interventional cardiology, Nuclear cardiology, Cardiovascular CT imaging) and has passed an unprecedented 7 board certification examinations. He is also one of the few cardiologists who participates in, and supports, the maintenance of certification (MOC) program of the American Board of Internal Medicine. 

Dr. Yamada has served as a Consulting Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, at the Stanford University School of Medicine for over a decade. 

Dr. Yamada believes that cardiac prevention can be achieved through patient education.  

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